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Project Management

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Project Management

  • Successful management of a company project is a big challenge for everyone who is part of that process, especially for a project manager.
  • Therefore we prepared the Master of Science (MSc.) Project Management specialization where you will learn new skills and also refresh the forgotten knowledge.
  • You will learn things necessary for excellent project management, such as Six Sigma principles, Agile Project Management, Change Management, and Digital Transformation.
  • You will receive interesting tips on how successful company managers handle project management. The companies include AirBnB, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Uber and others.

Project Management consists of 10 Modules

Effective MSc.

1. Project Management I.

Content includes: Project Management Foundations, PM – Teams, Risk

2. Project Management II.

Content includes: Project Management: Budgets, Quality, Procurement, Change Management for Projects, Communication

3. Project Management III.

Content includes: Project Management: Stakeholders, Schedules, Integration, Ethics

4. Six Sigma I.

Content includes: Operational Excellence Foundations, Six Sigma Foundations: 1, Statistics Foundations: 2, Statistics Foundations: 3

5. Six Sigma II.

Content includes: Learning Minitab, Six Sigma: Green Belt, Six Sigma: Black Belt

6. Six Sigma III.

Content includes: Leading Productive Meetings, Change Management Foundations, Operational Excellence Work-Out and Kaizen Facilitator, Lean Six Sigma: Define and Measure Tools, Analyze, Improve, and Control Tools

7. Agile Project Management

Content includes: Agile Foundations, Agile at Work: Building Your Agile Team, Planning with Agile User Stories, Driving Productive Agile Meetings, Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile Project Management

8. Change Management

Content includes: Creating a Culture of Change, Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control, Managing Organizational Change for Managers, Building Trust, Communicating in Times of Change, Mergers & Acquisitions

9. Risk Management and Capital

Content includes: The New Age of Risk Management Strategy for Business, Raising Capital, Pitching to Investors, Cost Reduction: Cut Costs and Maximize Profits, Selling Your Small Business

10. Cybersecurity

Content includes: Cybersecurity for Executives, Cybersecurity at Work, Cybersecurity Awareness: Security Overview, Cybersecurity Awareness: Phishing and Whaling, Cybersecurity Awareness: Malware Explained

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Meet some of our Students

"The program is genuinely exciting and effective thanks to the microlearning. The up-to-date topics and quality lecturers are pushing me forward in my professional as well as personal life."
Mgr. Jiri Hudec, MBACase Manager
"This type of study is exactly what I was looking for. I consider e-learning to be very effective, but here it will also connect you with the best lecturers in the field. If you look at the price-performance ratio, you get the best on both sides."
Mgr. Martin Hejl, MBADirector at Scripture Union
"The quality of the content was really above my expectations.You can apply it straight away, when you're at the meeting with subject specialists where you don't have deep knowledge."
Martin Mlcoch, MBAB2B Sales Consultant at SALESDOCk